Helping those in need in Brevard County

Services to help care for your elderly loved one

Services to help care for your elderly loved one

Services to help care for your elderly loved oneServices to help care for your elderly loved oneServices to help care for your elderly loved one

Helping you prepare for or deal with Medicare.

Support for those  without family or for those caring for a loved one.


A passion for the aging

My passion is helping families and individuals navigate the aging spectrum.

I have helped the elderly in my community since 2004, first as a mission while I worked in my career,  then full time.  

I work my passion - what could be better than that?

As a Project Manager I have created my share of plans and learned the best made plans do not always work, you have to be flexible and roll with each situation. 

As a Systems Analyst I had to see the BIG PICTURE, be two steps ahead then come back to the present and work things out. 

As a Software Developer I created solutions to meet requirements someone else had. 

These same skills are applicable now in my support of families and the elderly. 

I help people prepare/plan for Medicare, aging and retirement.

As an Advocate, I review the big picture and find root causes when something is not right with you or your loved one

or with one of the systems society functions on.

I listen to your concerns and I find solutions with you that meet your needs.

Board Certified Patient Advocate BCPA, 

Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent, Care Manager CM, 

Registered Guardian RG, Tax Professional

MS Engineering Systems Analysis

Fun Fact: Not just people


My passion for the aged does not end with people. Since 2004 I have fostered Senior and Special Needs dogs in my home. I work with rescue groups in my local Community. 

Pets have similar Emotional, Physical and Mental needs and conditions as people. Especially here in Florida, with the large elderly population, dogs are left behind when owners must move from their home, or pass away. When a pup arrives here they live in a home environment until they are adopted or live their natural live expectancy. 

Hard Candy?


Hard candies have rich flavors of each color bursting in your mouth. I like to close my eyes and pull out a piece from the candy jar and savor the flavor. It is the same with life, put out your hand and grab hold of what life has for you or better yet, grab hold of an aging loved one's hand; either way savor life.

We should not throw away people when they age, even the broken pieces of hard candy at the bottom of the dish are full of flavor - just as the elderly and aging are still full of life.