Frequently Asked Questions

Caregiver Support, In-home Care, Mother needs help, Care Manager, Guardian, Patient Advocate

Q: My loved one needs help, I can tell something is off, I am not sure what to do. Can you help?

Well, you are not alone, many people are dealing with this issue with the Baby Boomers reaching retirement. You have many options, we can discuss everything from finding in-home caregivers and home health aides to moving to an ALF or SNF and everything in between. There is no single answer, you must take into account each individual and their unique situation. I can walk you through that process so the decision is best for your unique case. 

Care Management services can be put in place to fill in the gaps your loved one has. Some seniors have declined physically (Chronic Medical Condition) but mentally are right-on. Some seniors have declined mentally (Dementia or Alzheimer's) but are physically just fine. Others have issues in both areas.  Each situation is unique, CM can help determine what is needed and provide coverage for those shortfalls.

Help for my parents, Care Manager, Patient Advocate, Respite Care, Help for my mom, Companion Care

Q: I want to be sure my aging parents are taken care of but I cannot leave my job and be their Caregiver. How can you help?

This is a common issue. I can be your support here locally where your aging parents are. Community based seniors can live safely and successfully when supported in the home.  As an Advocate, I can also go to doctor appointments, ask questions and follow-up and make sure there is follow-through when it is required. I will make sure the information is getting back to you about their condition. Acting as your eyes and ears, an extension of yourself. 

Turning 65, Medicare Insurance, planning for LTC, Retirement Planning, Senior Transitions

Q: I am preparing for retirement myself, I am overwhelmed by the Medicare decisions on the horizon. How do I start?

First, stop and breathe, it can be daunting and not many people focus on this until there is a crisis event. I can meet with you to discuss your Medicare insurance options, the aging progression and key milestones along the way. Having that guideline can give that sense of preparedness most lack - you cannot know the future but you can be ready for it.

Do you need help?

Not always.

Sometimes family and loved ones need a break, respite support, a vacation without worrying about something happening. I can step in so you can step away knowing a situation will be handled if it occurs.

Yes, I am not sure what to do.

The world is complicated. Our lives are complicated. Gone are the days a patient sits with his physician of 30 years who handled everything. 

Now we have PCPs, Specialists for each condition, Labs, HHA, Surgery Centers, Hospitalists and more, depending on our conditions. 

Yes, I simply cannot manage it all day to day any more.

I can help.

Common Situations

Passing of A Spouse

This is a very difficult situation. Many factors come into play. How was the division of labor divided between the spouses? Was it a blended family? Are there issues related to that? Was the spouse who passed the caregiver of the surviving spouse?

Each situation is unique, yet these things are common amongst the population. Sometimes, everything needs to change. Sometimes, things need only be tweaked.

No More Driving

This is one of the hardest situations for the affected person to accept. Ideally, family or friends are on alert before an accident happens, and are strong and brave enough to talk about it.

I am often contacted regarding this issue. I am 'an outsider' and part of my assessment is dealing with driving. Most elderly folks know they should not be driving - they just cannot stop on their own. Some refuse to acknowledge the issue - that is where an outsider can help.

Often, Seniors just want someone to blame for taking the license away - better an outsider than family!

Don't Take Control of Me - Anger

Being in control does not mean you cannot accept help, support and assistance.

'I could do it if I wanted to. I just do not want to any more.' Poor eyesight, hearing loss, arthritis and many other chronic conditions affect the elderly's ability to do every day tasks. Denial and anger is how they cope, until they accept things are different.

We all need help during our lives for one thing or another, aging is no different but our society makes it hard on those who cannot play racketball at 80!

I do not understand Medicare

When turning 65 many put their heads in the sand - I will deal with that later - I am not old yet - I do not have any medical issues yet - I will look into it later when I need it.

Nothing could be more wrong!

When you turn 65 you are in a position you will never be again - so take  some time and work through the details - do not leave opportunities pass you by.

Common Conditions

  • Incontinence
  • ADL deficits
  • Dementia, Alzheimer's
  • End of Life Decisions
  • Transitions as abilities change
  • Care Transitions (after an event)
  • Physical, Emotional & Financial adjustments
  • Long Term Care decisions (Medicaid, VA)
  • Different issues for each spouse (each needing different solutions)

On and on ....

There is nothing new under the sun, all we experience has been experienced by those before us. Our situations might be different but the human condition remains the same - we need each other to survive.

No matter if we are a perfectly formed piece of hard candy or a chipped broken piece at the bottom of the bowl - we all have flavor/value and we all should savor the life we have and live it to the fullest.