Medicare Insurance

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Medicare Specifics

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Independent Agent

I can write a policy anywhere in Florida. I can write Humana, Care Plus, United Health Care, Aetna, Silver Scripts, Wellcare, Health First and United American. If we determine you need another company I can refer you to a trusted agent.

I always perform a Needs Analysis with you. I am trained on the various plans & benefits offered so I can ask questions to help find the plan that best meets your needs. I am not beholden to any one company so we can go with the company & plan best for YOU. 

 As an Independent Agent I am here for you. I can help you setup all your configurations once you have a plan. This is the part some families & clients find overwhelming. Many of the features and benefits to plans require clients to sign-up at different sites to take advantage of their benefits. If you are struggling; let me know, we will sit down together and get it done.

Medicare Part A/B

I have learned that helping is better than referring. I have found sitting with my clients and helping them sign up for Part A/B is easier than referring them to the website or Social Security office. If you are computer savvy, great! 

Call me when you receive the Red, White and Blue Medicare card.

You should have Part A and B in order to gain access to the broadest array of Medicare secondary insurance. Talk with your employer if you are still working to determine when to sign-up for Part B.

Medicare Medigap or Supplement Insurance

You may have heard the term cadillac plan or F plan. The Medicare Supplement insurance plans are lettered plans which all have standardized benefits. Each carrier that offers these plans can charge differently for that same plan. 

This is a great option for those with many medical conditions, you pay a premium each month and pay little or nothing when you use the plan benefits. This is also a great option for those on a fixed budget and need to keep medical costs to a certain amount to stay within their budget.

You can sign up for these plans anytime - no enrollment period (unless you have another type of plan) - call now.

Medicare Part D

When you go on Medicare, you need a part D plan. I hear it all the time "but I do not take any medications". It does not matter, you pay a Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP) if you do not sign up from the get-go. 

Whether you are on 12 medications per day or 0, we can find the right plan to fit your needs. And remember, you should check  these plans out each year during AEP to find the one best suited for you.

Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage

Your Medicare Advantage plans replace your Medicare Part A/B and provide benefits through private companies. Most of these plans cover Part D as well.

Plans have varying premium costs, usually provide benefits over and above the mandatory CMS requirements and networks apply. Generally there are HMOs and PPOs.

These plans are great a option for those who have VA benefits, to supplement what the VA covers.