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Insurance Specifics

PDP, MAPD,MA, Part D, Part C, Medigap, Medicare Supplement, Part B, Part A, Medicare Insurance Agent

Dental and Vision

I can find you plans and provide quotes for dental and vision plans for all ages. We can search for providers to make sure there is one near you or, find out which network your favorite dentist accepts. 

After a phone call I can send you electronic links to plans for your review/sign-up in your home - no need to meet in person if you prefer that.


There are great policies for critical illness or cancer coverage. These plans payout cash at diagnosis; you can better direct your care when you have funds to access treatment you choose (not your insurance company) or use to cover living expenses.


Whether you choose Whole or Term insurance, you can provide a cushion for your family when you die. Nothing can replace the loss whether sudden or after an illness but having funds available to bridge your family through this difficult transition period is something everyone should have.

Final Expense (Funeral)

No one wants to talk about this, ever. But all of us will be here at some point. Final Expense insurance covers you so your family does not have to think about cost when dealing with this situation.