Senior Helpers


As Your Insurance Agent

  • I am not a captive agent, I can sell plans from many companies 
  • Medicare Supplements (Medigap), Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans
  • Dental/Vision, Critial Illness & Cancer coverage
  • Life (Whole, Term), Final Expense
  • My position as YOUR agent is to help YOU and support YOU, I guide you through YOUR options so YOU can make the informed decision best for YOU.

Your benefit: Having a relationship with an agent who will take the time to understand your entire situation and walk you through all your options so you can make the best decision for yourself or loved one.

As Your Patient Advocate

  • I am a Professional and will stand by you or your loved one's side and help navigate your way through the health system maze of modern medicine.
  • I can help with Billing issues, Diagnosis support, Treatment option research
  • I am in YOUR corner
  • My allegiance is to YOU, I work on behalf of YOU

Your benefit: You will have someone with an allegiance to you or your loved one, not someone who works for the insurance company or medical facility. Someone who will advocate for you or your loved one with no other interests or concerns to temper their allegiance.

As Your Care Manager

  • I will provide support for you or your loved one in the way YOU or they need it. 
  • I prepare you for what is next, so you can prepare Physically, Emotionally & Financially.
  • I perform client Assessments, which lead to needs analysis, then solution options
  • I can find  Medicaid Help & Community Resources & Programs for your situation
  • I can provide Care Coordination, Monitoring, and the Evaluation of changes
  • Caregiver Support, Respite Support, Certified Med-Tech
  • I can step in to perform Crisis Management

Your need: Not being able to see the forest (what is really going on here) beyond the tree.

Your need: Not knowing where & how to get the help you need from the community or health system. Not having the time to find the help you need.

Your need: The support and assurance you are doing the right thing as you live this new chapter of life.

Your benefits for having a Care Manager are numerous, such as  the much needed support to carry you through the crisis and give you strength for the long-term care needs of a loved one.

As Your Aging Planner

  • I will review your financial situation and show you how to optimize your options 
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Medicaid Planning
  • VA Benefits

Your need: Overcoming the seemingly impossible task in front of you given your resources of time and money. Most people do NOT plan for their long-term care so their options are limited when the crisis hits.

The benefit of having an aging advisor is the experience and perspective I can bring from years of working with seniors. When you know how you want to live your final years, you need to prepare for that or else the situation will dictate your long-term care situation.

Partnerships: Working together for you

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Care Management, Advocacy, Crisis Management, Long-Term care planning

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Verus Health Partners

Veteran Owned

Insurance to meet all your needs.

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Brevard Healthcare Navigation

Speakers on Medicare, Aging, Elderly, Long -term care planning and more

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