Licensed Independent Health & Life Insurance Agent

Medicare Insurance, Medicare Insurance Agent, Medicare Advocate, Retirement Insurance

I am certified with the most common carriers in Brevard County. I can write policies anywhere in the state of Florida. I partner with a Veteran owned business here in Melbourne. I am familiar with Medicaid/Medicare/VA and other programs that can help cover the costs of health care. I can help with Medicare questions, get to the bottom of insurance issues. Insurance reviews are important each year during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), is your agent doing that for you? I answer questions at free events in the community, contact me for the schedule.

One thing that is near and dear to my heart is educating the community on health care costs after retirement. How to prepare for the expenses one encounters when on Medicare is rarely discussed when someone signs up for their Medicare policy - I enjoy speaking on this subject to help people prepare BEFORE they make their decision, or how to best manage the situation if they are already down a path.

Board Certified Patient Advocate BCPA, Care Manager CM

Care Manager, BCPA, FL Care Manager, Brevard County Care Manager, Melbourne Care Manager

A BCPA is there to help clients get the information, access to services or support needed to solve complex issues within the health systems of today. My allegiance is to YOU, not the healthcare system. From billing issues, research on conditions, support at the Physicians office, I can be there to help. Care planning covers the transitions one goes through after an event, having someone to work, manage and review the plan can catch the missing pieces when multiple providers are involved. CM is closely tied to advocacy. As a CM I can walk you through the appointments, assist with hands on support when family is remote. Advocacy and Care Management is what you need it to be to support you or your loved one. 

Many remote family members feel the daily call will keep them on top of the situation. Daily phone calls mask an abundance of changes Seniors progress through. Care Management is an extension of the family unit - boots on the ground - seeing what the real situation is.

Registered Guardian

Florida Guardian, Guardianship, Elder Abuse, Caregiver Support, Pre-need Guardian

Being a guardian means stepping in when incapacity has been determined by the courts. Many family members are guardians for family members, a professional guardian is assigned when family cannot agree, there is no family, or the family is negatively impacting a person, or when assets must be protected.

Guardianship is typically the step of last resort, but there for the protection of the most vulnerable. Being a guardian means caring for the person and/or their property when deemed necessary by the courts. Some are now assigning a guardian in their estate planning, so there is no confusion or scramble if it becomes necessary. It is setup pre-need in the event of incapacity.

Successor and Standby guardians are there in cases when the primary guardian is no longer able to serve. When family serves as a guardian there needs to be in place a plan of succession, a professional guardian can fit that bill.

Service Examples

Getting the House in Order

One of the first things to accomplish after a crisis is handled is to put in place the structure needed to make the next crisis, 

less of a crisis.

I can walk you through the process and assist in evaluating what you might need - not everyone needs a Trust but everyone should have a Health Care Surrogate.

Make an Aging Plan

What is an aging plan? Well ... what I call an aging plan is a series of questions and tasks that one walks through and decides 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where' and 'how'.

Think about aging.

Plan for aging.

And most important,

Talk about aging with your loved ones. 

I can walk you through the questions that only you can answer.

Crisis Management

"It happened" - whatever 'it' may be. For some it is a fall, for others the loss of a spouse, losing the ability to drive, or the dreaded medical diagnosis.

Each 'it' has it's own unique fall-out. I can help you work through that situation to produce positive outcomes for the family and the one in need of support.

Day to Day Management

Today we do not think of this as much because we are the technology generation but there are those who need help managing their home day to day.

Setting up appointments, paying bills, shopping, home repairs, etc.. When a person wants to remain in their home rather than move to an ALF or SNF someone must keep them and the house going.

Isolation is a key contributing factor in the progression of aging. Hearing issues, eyesight issues, mental and physical decline all work against staying active and thriving - never mind keeping up with the house maintenance. I can keep the place afloat so all the energy there is can be spent on living.


You and your family have a plan, 

and you are living your plan. 

What you need is support in keeping the plan working; you need boots on the ground. 

The remote family has the information, the family member is stable and living life to the fullest - you need someone to check in periodically to make sure 'things are as they seem'. I can verify the plan is still working, noting when the  tweaks need to be made to keep the the situation safe and effective.

The Conversation

In our society the hardest thing is having

 the conversation:

 "Mom, you are slipping, we need to get help BEFORE something big happens." or 

"Honey, I knew I needed help but I did not want to have to leave my home."

As we all know, it is easier to hear things from professionals or strangers than our own families. As a professional I can provide an unbiased assessment of the situation and talk to both sides.

My assessment will allow me to get to know you and/or your loved one. 

Help comes in many forms and I can suggest support or changes to the situation that meet the needs of the family and the one in need.